About WOAR

Mission Statement

Women On A Roll (WOAR) is a social organization that strives to enrich the lives of lesbians–both couples and singles alike. Its membership represents women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, professions, and fitness levels and brings them together in a fun and relaxed environment. WOAR is also committed to supporting worthy causes and charities that are part of our diverse and wonderful community.


First Women On A Roll Bike Ride August 5, 1995

In 1995, Women On A Roll (WOAR) was formed as a small group of women that met for weekly bike rides. As the group grew larger, more diverse and more interested in venturing out for other activities, WOAR founder Andrea Meyerson saw that many of the women were attending not only for the bike ride but also for the camaraderie, wanting an alternative to searching for like-minded women in the bars. She began organizing dinners at popular restaurants and group outings to concerts, movies and the theater in and around Los Angeles.

Interest in the club became so overwhelming that a monthly newsletter was created so everyone could keep up-to-date on the group’s activities as well as other happenings in the gay and lesbian community. Within five months, more than 200 women had attended at least one event offered by Women On A Roll.

The club’s reach began to extend far beyond Southern California, with trips offering members as well as out-of-state women an opportunity to travel together from California cities to exotic places such as Fiji and Peru. The club has also traveled together in support of gay and lesbian causes around the country, including the annual National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Women’s Weekend in San Francisco and the monumental Millennium March on Washington in Washington, DC.

Since its inception in 1995, Women On A Roll has reached more than 13,000 women and has served them during all stages of their lives: coming out, relocating to a new city, making new friends, finding romance and “starting over.” Because of the supportive nature of the club, many therapists often refer their clients to the organization. Never turning anyone away for lack of funds WOAR is a warm and welcoming place for all women.

Founder, Andrea Meyerson

Andrea Meyerson has created a career out of her passion: giving a voice to women and the LGBTQ people. A prolific producer of film, TV and live productions, she has made it her life’s work to share and preserve the rich culture and history of the LGBTQ community.

As founder and president of StandOut Productions, Andrea has produced and directed more than 30 films and TV specials, which have aired on Showtime, Logo, Netflix, Astral, and at film festivals worldwide. She has completed 12 feature documentaries, including the multiple award-winning, Laughing Matters; Letter to Anita, an award-winning film about anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant; Clambake, a history of Women’s Week in Provincetown; and I Stand Corrected, about the world-famous jazz bassist Jennifer Leithem which had received 14 awards worldwide. Her newest documentary, This is Jessica, is slated to hit the film festival circuit this year.

Andrea’s entrepreneurial path to producing LGBTQ content began in 1995, when she founded Women On A Roll (WOAR), a grassroots bicycle club. As word spread and membership soared, Andrea began planning events and excursions, and the club soon evolved into one of the country’s largest social organizations for lesbians. Today, WOAR focuses on boutique worldwide travel, providing unique social and cultural opportunities to women.

In 1997, Andrea broadened her reach by founding StandOut Productions. Before beginning her filmmaking career, she spent nearly a decade producing fundraisers for LGBTQ non-profits including the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center, HRC, NCLR, SLDN, Outfest, and L.A. Shanti. Her fundraising efforts have raised nearly two million dollars for community organizations. 

With the goal of amplifying LGBTQ voices, she began producing live events and has staged some of the country’s best-known entertainers, including Brandi Carlile, Wanda Sykes, Indigo Girls, k.d. lang, and Joan Armatrading. She has also produced and directed numerous TV comedy specials featuring LGBTQ stars such as Kate Clinton, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Karen Williams, and Alec Mapa. 

Andrea is the recipient of 20+ awards for her work, including becoming the first openly gay recipient of YWCA’s Women of Achievement Award. She was a Pride Honoree for the 2020 California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus. In 2019, the Hollywood Women’s Film Institute presented her with the Dorothy Arzner Director’s Award for LGBTQ Impact in Film. Other notable awards include HRC’s Local Hero Award, Los Ángeles LGBTQ Center’s L.A.C.E. (Lesbians Active in Community Empowerment) Award, The L-Fund Visionary of the Year Award, and earlier this month she received a Proclamation from the City of West Hollywood.

In March 2020, Andrea launched Women On The Net, an online entertainment and social platform initially created to serve the lesbian community during the pandemic.  Since then, she has produced and hosted more than 350 virtual events, often featuring iconic guests such as Lily Tomlin, Meredith Baxter, Paula Poundstone, and Kate Clinton, to name a few.