Women On A Roll and Women On The Net believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and we stand in solidarity with those who are suffering injustice and systemic racism.
We stand with those speaking out against a double standard for justice, striving for positive change, and invite you to join us. As we reflect on the assaults that have taken so many lives, it is clear it will take all of us to create the change needed to heal our country and ensure equality and justice for all.


Virtually THE place for women to connect with women!

In an effort to stay connected with our community during this time of physical-distancing,
Women On A Roll is proud to offer this online social experience!
Each interactive gathering will offer a unique opportunity designed to entertain,
connect, and socialize with women from all over the world!

December Online Calendar

Friday, December 2
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 75 minutes

An intimate special evening with the stars and writers of LATINA CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Sandra Valls, Diana Yanez, and Maria Russell. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, plus a little preview, and a special Q&A only for Women on the Net.

About Latina Christmas Special:
You thought your holidays with the family were dramatic? Try these three hilarious, touching, and surprisingly personal Christmas stories of holidays past told by three acclaimed Latina comedians. When these three sassy BFFs get together, they down plenty of tequila and dish about everything from moms to cucarachas (cockroaches) to Farrah Fawcett, and share their funny and intimate stories of childhood Christmas “dramas” that make them uniquely American, undoubtedly Latina, and, most of all, friends.

“This show was created with the intention of shedding light on the universal truths of holidays past, childhood, and family, regardless of one’s heritage,” agrees Yanez. “The ‘Special’ in the title is an homage to all the TV shows we watched growing up — all those ‘Christmas Specials’ that we so closely identified with during the holidays, but that had absolutely no Latinos in them (or maybe just Jose Feliciano).”

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TRAILER and scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for live shows and a discount for Women On A Roll/Women On The Net!

$10 or FREE for WOTN Members



The Pink Divide by Robee Berry
Sunday, December 4
4:00 PM (PT), 6:00 PM (CT), 7:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 60 minutes

About the Book:
Pink is the color of universal love of oneself. It represents inner peace and affection, thought to be a calming color associated with flirtation, love, and kindness. Lake learned early on that she wanted to kiss girls and from that point forward, her eyes and thoughts naturally gravitated to women’s mouths and their soft, pink, kissable lips, and then the reality of the social construct. The girls were meant to kiss, only boys sit in, creating an internal rift that would take decades for Lake to conquer.

This heartfelt journey through life is not for the faint of heart. We follow Lake from a wonderfully drawn relationship with Kiki, her grandmother, through life’s challenges and her burgeoning sexuality. We feel her questions and her confusion as she tries to fit her life into that picture of the ideal we all carry; we experience family turmoil. There are stumbles, reversals, heartbreaks, and triumphs, but along the way, you fall in love with Lake and never stop cheering for her.


About the Author:
Robee Berry was born and raised in the picturesque countryside of Geneva adjacent to the Lake Erie shore. Geneva-on-the-Lake is well known as “Ohio’s First Summer Resort”. Filled with wanderlust, she ventured out of her home state to attend college in Georgia and has traveled across the U.S. multiple times. She’s been a 4-H member, a spelling bee champ, a college radio station DJ, a tool cage attendant, a fancy whiskey connoisseur, a barista, and an LGBT youth counselor and volunteer. When she isn’t spending time outdoors or with family and friends, you can almost always find her near her sweet Chiweenie boy, Chico. The Pink Divide is Robee’s first book.


Wednesday, December 7
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 90 minutes

Join us for a fabulous lesbian party...
while staying at home!

House Party is a place to visit with old friends and meet new friends from all over the country...and the world! This party is for everyone—couples and singles alike!

Upon arrival, we’ll gather in the main room, a.k.a. the living room. Grab a drink and say hello to everyone! You’ll soon be sent off to different rooms with an interesting topic to discuss in small groups. Just like at a regular party, you’ll wander from room to room in the house, enjoying new encounters along the way!

Party Location:
123 Lesbian Way, Zoom Town, USA

C’mon in and let’s get this party started!

Please Note: Cameras are required to be on during this event.



Friday, December 9
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 60 minutes

Join artist Jamie Redmond while we talk about her creative process, the art of being a full-time professional artist/entrepreneur, and visit with the animals in her “Animal Tales.” The series uses humor to focus on relatable life lessons and frustrations. By pairing witty words of wisdom with imaginative photographs, Jamie creates unforgettable greeting cards that both celebrate and support life’s adventures. Each Tale has a unique, nostalgic, and memorable aesthetic. All of the Tales are created in her Upstate, NY studio. From start to finish these stories are handcrafted: she does all the set building, photography, and writing. She even decorates most of the cakes! You can check out her creations before the show at www.thememorableimage.com.

Jamie’s Bio:
When I was 5, I ‘borrowed’ my parent’s polaroid camera. They got lucky there was no film in it, but it didn’t matter to me; every time I clicked the shutter, I made up a story. I clicked until the camera broke.

When I was 7, I took my dad’s film camera for a joy ride. It was the 1980s: a time of bold fashion choices, questionable hairstyles, and heavy cameras filled with film that was only used on special occasions. So I sneaked my dad’s camera out of the house and quickly burnt through the roll of film. I was so desperate to get it developed that I told him all the stories I’d captured on film; he couldn’t even be mad at me. I’d found my thing: images with stories.

When I was 15, I was introduced to the darkroom for the first time. I remember watching the images appear in the developer and my brain screaming, ‘this is magic.’ It’s science, but the feeling is magic and one I can remember to this day.

You’d think that I’d have been drawn to journalism, but I always had my head in the clouds making up worlds and adventures. I am from a long line of voracious readers and skilled storytellers. I don’t know which came first, my love of stories or my love of images: they’ve always traveled hand in hand.

My adventures in photography led me to study in Savannah, Georgia (SCAD), and then a few years later at the Sydney College of Art in Australia. School helped me develop technical skills, which gave me the confidence to follow my own path, which eventually led me to create the Animal Tales series.


“The Icicle Twist”
Sunday, December 11
4:00 PM (PT), 6:00 PM (CT), 7:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 75 minutes

You are invited to solve a “murder” while “getting some air” at a virtual ski trip on the powdery slopes of Denver, Colorado!

Everyone’s a suspect when murder is on the menu. A Denver ski trip turns to tragedy when a guest is murdered. No one knows which of the other party guests committed the crime. Clues will be uncovered and motives revealed as you search for the killer. Participants can enjoy a suggested menu, track clues to solve the mystery in the middle of the action, and submit who their suspect is through polls during various parts of the evening.

Test your sleuthing abilities while suspecting your friends on WOTN! Prizes will be awarded to the detective (that could be you) who solves the crime!



Tuesday, December 13
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 90 minutes

WRITE HEAR is an immersive, generative writing workshop. Recovering from depression caused by being “a writer who wasn’t writing,” Mimi Gonzalez is expanding her stand-up comedy performances into a new genre called “Punchlines & Poetry.”

Mimi has facilitated writing workshops for ten years. Join us for her newest writing workshop, “Write Hear.”

$10 or FREE for WOTN Members

Spotlight on Mickalene Thomas
Thursday, December 15
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 75 minutes

Join us for a fun conversational informative ART Salon learning about and discussing artist Mickalene Thomas.

Featured Artist Background:
Mickalene Thomas is a contemporary African-American lesbian painter who creates complex works using rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel. Her work examines ideas around femininity, beauty, race, sexuality, and gender.

Presenter Background:
Debra Reabock is a San Francisco abstract photographer who transforms imagery of modern, urban architecture and nature into unusual geometric shapes, forms, and stunning designs. Debra is passionate about raising awareness of 20th/21st-century female artists. In 2021 she launched the Art Salon series to support that mission.

$5 or FREE for WOTN Members


Mary Miller’s CD Release Party
Friday, December 16
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 75 minutes

Mary Miller is a singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, and musical theater nerd, originally from Cleveland. After a 5-year stint in San Francisco and a year in small-town, Michigan she made her way to Chicago in 2011 where she’s been living ever since.

Her new CD, “Through The Ceiling” explores the power of battling demons, facing truths, and the joy of coming out whole on the other side. She is thrilled to be sharing this music with her friends and family on Women On The Net!

$10 or FREE for WOTN Members

Cookies and Cocktails!
Tuesday, December 20
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 90 minutes

The holidays are a great time to share recipes and memories. Bring your favorite cookie or cocktail recipe, or just come and be part of the fun!

We’ll be making and decorating sugar cookies together while sharing our favorite cookie and cocktail recipes and holiday memories.

Please note: We prefer cameras to be on during this event.



Friday, December 22
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 90 minutes

Karaoke Kelli will MC this fun and unique gathering, perfect for performers and spectators alike!

Sing (Karaoke, acapella, or with an instrument), perform stand-up comedy, recite poetry, play an instrument, lip-sync, dance, spoken word, act out a scene, read a short story, and any other type of performance you’d like to share.

Or just come on in and kick back in the Zoom Lounge while enjoying the entertainment!

So, what are you waiting for? Start rehearsing!


Thursday, December 28
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 75 minutes

What would it mean to make a meaningful connection before year-end? Join us...because you just never know! Think of speed dating but without the pressure!

Grab your beverage of choice and come on in! We’ll start off in the main room to welcome everyone before sending you off to different rooms with small groups of women. This will be repeated many times throughout the evening, offering an opportunity to meet and converse with different guests in each room.

We have been offering this party format since March 2020, and it truly works in creating connections!

Our guests may be visiting from all over the country, and even the world, but in the virtual world and the “new norm,” there really is no such thing as geographically undesirable!

Whether you’re looking for romance or friendship, you’ve come to the right place!

Please Note: Cameras are required to be on during this event.

$10 or FREE for WOTN Members


Virtual New Year’s Celebration
& 2022 Women On The Net Recap
Friday, December 30
5:00 PM (PT), 7:00 PM (CT), 8:00 PM (ET)
Approximate Duration: 90 minutes

Our last gathering of the year!

Pull up a chair around the virtual table with your beverage of choice and get ready to toast and share some reflective words!

As 2022 comes to an end and a new year approaches, we will reflect on our favorite 2022 Women On The Net moments and celebrate friendship!

This promises to be a very meaningful evening filled with fun!

Please Note: We prefer cameras to be on during this event.


Special Events Happening in December!

Catch Latina Christmas Special Live!

December 7-11
Soho Playhouse
Special Women on the Net 30% discount code
WOTN (NYC only)

Tickets: Call (212) 691-1555 (Tues-Sun, 4 PM-10 PM)
Click Here to Purchase Tickets

December 13, 14, 20
A Noise Within Theater (Pasadena)
Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Latina Christmas Special contains adult situations and drinking; recommended for ages 13 and up, parental guidance suggested.



THIS IS JESSICA, a documentary by Andrea Meyerson

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: December 13, 2022
Available on all streaming platforms!

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group, has acquired North American VOD rights to the poignant and inspiring award-winning documentary THIS IS JESSICA. THIS IS JESSICA will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet and satellite platforms on December 13, 2022, through Freestyle Digital Media.

THIS IS JESSICA documents the story of Jessica Bair – assigned male at birth and named Jonathan, while at the same time knowing she was a girl. Being born and raised in the Mormon church, Jessica/Jonathan also knew that saying so out loud could cause her to lose everything. In the quest to find herself, Jessica Bair had to be prepared to lose her family, her faith, her job—and nearly her life.

Terrified to reveal her true self, young Jessica/Jonathan instead set about creating the perfect life of a young Mormon man, becoming a missionary, marrying young and starting a family. Serving in the Army, hiding from the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy even as she enforced it as a military policeman and special agent, Jessica/Jonathan grew despondent about the chasm between who she was and who she was merely pretending to be. THIS IS JESSICA paints an intimate, emotional portrait of a woman forced to make a heart-wrenching decision in order to save herself. This is the story of a woman faced with an impossible choice between the life into which she was born, and the one she was born to live.


A documentary by Kathryn L. Beranich and Andrea Meyerson

Community has always been the driving force behind Andrea Meyerson’s work. And that did not change when COVID-19 locked us down, Andrea devised a plan to keep lesbians connected and entertained.

On March 20, 2020, she launched Women On The Net and went live five nights a week via Zoom. Women all over the world came together for events that included comedians, films, musicians, panel discussions, parties, and more. These nightly gatherings helped alleviate the loneliness and feelings of isolation by bringing joy, laughter, and new friends into these women’s lives.

Andrea called it distant socializing, the participants called it a silver lining.

As the world has started to open up, AN UNEXPECTED COMMUNITY, a documentary about Women On The Net has gone into production to preserve this piece of lesbian herstory and celebrate the beauty of our community. We would be most grateful if you would consider supporting the making of this film.

All contributions made through the Center for Independent Documentary (CID), our fiscal sponsor, are tax-deductible. No donation is too small!

Please click on the Donations link for more information regarding our fiscal sponsor and the documentary, currently in production.

And be sure to watch the video — you might see yourself in it! However, not seeing yourself in this crowdfunding video does not mean you won’t still be featured in the film!


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