Women On A Roll and Women On The Net believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and we stand in solidarity with those who are suffering injustice and systemic racism.
We stand with those speaking out against a double standard for justice, striving for positive change, and invite you to join us. As we reflect on the assaults that have taken so many lives, it is clear it will take all of us to create the change needed to heal our country and ensure equality and justice for all.


Virtually THE place for women to connect with women!

In an effort to stay connected with our community during this time of physical-distancing,
Women On A Roll is proud to offer this online social experience!
Each interactive gathering will offer a unique opportunity designed to entertain,
connect, and socialize with women from all over the world! 


Calendar of Online Events

Make it a September to Remember!


Sunday, September 20
5:00 PM (Pacific)
7:00 PM (Central)
8:00 PM (Eastern

Rosh Hashanah is the holiday marking the start of the Jewish New Year, a time for self-reflection.
Everyone is welcome to attend this spiritual discussion lead by Rabbi Barbara Zacky.
Life is change. How we choose to live and make a difference during these times and into the future? Reflecting on who we are as human beings and how we treat others is the basis of humanity. May we move into this new year with compassion, dignity, inspiration and love.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your religion or spiritual belief! 

$5 or FREE for members
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It’s time to move, Ladies!
Tuesday, September 22
12:00 PM (Pacific) ~ 2:00 PM (Central) ~ 3:00 PM (Eastern)

$5.00 or FREE for members Register Here


Wednesday, September 23
6:00 PM (Pacific)
8:00 PM (Central)
9:00 PM (Eastern)

Join us for this award-winning documentary about a lesbian icon! There will be a Q&A with filmmaker, Gregorio Davila, and Jeanne Cordova’s widow, Lynn Ballen, immediately following the film screening.

Winner of several film festival awards including the GRAND JURY PRIZE at OUTFEST 2017 for BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT, this film creatively employs the few surviving archival interviews to illuminate a forthright, outspoken, dynamic and sexy, feminist, old school butch who was unstoppable in her quest for equality & fairness for lesbians, women and the queer community.

RUNNING TIME: 38 minutes

Gregorio Davila is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He is currently working on a feature film documentary about the LGBT history of Los Angeles, entitled, L.A. A QUEER HISTORY.

$10 or FREE for members
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Thursday, September 24

5:00 PM (Pacific)
7:00 PM (Central)
8:00 PM (Eastern

At this gathering you’ll see Carla score a segment from Andrea Meyerson’s soon-to-be-released documentary, DEFINING JESSICA. You’ll hear a song that Carla recently composed with lyrics by Andrea Meyerson. And, we’ll be screening award-winning animated documentary LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL, a film by Carla and her wife, Elizabeth!

Carla Patullo is a composer and musician based in Los Angeles. She creates diverse soundscapes for film and television productions, with a sound that ranges from raw industrial to lush orchestral. Carla’s credits include HBO’s MY NAME IS MARIA DE JESUS, the Sundance award-winning film SPA NIGHT, the Outfest selections LETTER TO ANITA and JEANNE CORDOVA, and the award-winning animated documentary LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL (2018 IDA Shortlist).

In addition to composing, Carla is a prolific songwriter and has had over 100 song placements on Emmy and BAFTA award-winning shows, such as THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW (NBC), THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (CBS), SKINS (E4), and in dance performances by Maddie Ziegler on the reality show DANCE MOMS (Lifetime).

$10 or FREE for members
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Friday, September 25

6:00 PM (Pacific)
8:00 PM (Central)
9:00 PM (Eastern)

Michele Balan is a brash New York stand-up lesbian comedian who you may have seen as one of the top 5 finalists on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 4!
Michele headlines across the country at comedy clubs, corporate events, country clubs, and is a popular performer for major cruise lines.
“Dynamite” ―Cindy Adams, The NY POST
“This is comedy, this is what it’s all about!” ―Jason Alexander
As part of the Nantucket Comedy festival: “Balan had the full house in stitches.” ―Nantucket Mirror
“Michele Balan is on a roll, there is no stopping her!” ―The Friars Club
“You know what I dislike about stand-up comedy—there’s too much standing.” ―Michele Balan

$10 or FREE for members
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Saturday, September 26

6:00 PM (Pacific)
8:00 PM (Central)
9:00 PM (Eastern)

MORTASAY is the inevitable expression of independent music duo Vonyse Reeder and Amy Lou Palmer. Formed in 2010 in Los Angeles, California , MORTASAY reflects an eclectic indie rock soul sound. This queer married duo seeks to uplift, inspire and push boundaries through music, but their expression expands far beyond that.

Vonyse was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana before relocating to the Bay Area (California) in her teens. She has an extended background as a music artist, multimedia artist, film director and entrepreneur. Her musical inspirations are vast, however she has deep roots in American soul, gospel and 70s rock.

Amy was born and raised in Eastern Washington, spending her college years in Sydney, Australia. Amy has a background in photography, and is a multi instrumentalist with emphasis in percussion. Her love for music has always centered around the 60s and 70s rock genre, however her inspirations are extensive.

”Our music represents our championing of healthy loving relationships regardless of race, orientation or gender. We strive to bring a vibration of diversity, inclusivity and empowerment.”

Their music reflects their musical roots, their actionism, their spirituality, and their lives as a married couple. It’s a conversation, It’s real, it’s raw...this is Mortasay.

This multi-media event will include a live performance and a film.

$10 or FREE for members
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Sunday, September 27
4:00 PM (Pacific)
6:00 PM (Central)
8:00 PM (Eastern)

Welcome To My Home is a new event designed to invite our friends from the Net inside each other’s homes. Give us a virtual tour of your favorite room, showcase your artistic talent (photography, paintings, jewelry, etc), share your favorite artwork, show off your garden, mix your favorite drink, , or just share one of your favorite home items. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our neighbors on the Net!

We hope everyone will have something to share, but feel free to come just to observe.

$5 or FREE for members
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It’s time to move, Ladies!
Tuesday, September 29
12:00 PM (Pacific) ~ 2:00 PM (Central) ~ 3:00 PM (Eastern)

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Wednesday, September 30

6:00 PM (Pacific)
8:00 PM (Central)
9:00 PM (Eastern)

Vicki Barbolak began her stand-up comedy career at age 40 when Mitzi Shore, the owner of the World Famous Hollywood Comedy Store discovered her at the La Jolla Comedy Store. She is now considered one of America’s funniest comedians!

In 2018, Vicki was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell said “Vicki, I think you are the funniest person we have ever had on the show.” Suddenly, after twenty years of hard work in Comedy, thanks to the millions of AGT viewers worldwide, Vicki became an overnight success.

Vicki was a single mom raising two daughters, living in a small, double-wide trailer in the suburbs of San Diego, and commuting to Hollywood four or five nights a week. She refined her talent and E! Television soon called her “the Next Breakout Star to come from the Comedy Store!” From there, she went on to win California’s Funniest Female and was chosen to be a member of Jay Leno’s NBC Laugh Squad.

Vicki won the reality show contest, Nick@Nite’s Funniest Mom in America, and took home the $50,000 prize. Vicki took her winnings and invested in one of her favorite hobbies: getting married. After planning several of her own weddings, as well as the weddings of many of her friends, Vicki opened her own mobile wedding service. She became an ordained minister and had her van wrapped in pink leopard. The “Wedding Chapel to Go” was on a roll!

Next came America’s Got Talent and Vicki became a household name! Following her standing ovation performance at the AGT Finale, she was asked to return for the AGT Champions series, and received another standing ovation. Her phenomenal success on AGT kicked off Vicki’s 2018 nationwide “Trailer Nasty Tour,” followed by her 2019 “Trailerpalooza” Tour. “Vicki Barbolak’s Trailer Park Tuesday” was recently given a residency at the Jimmy Kimmel Club in Las Vegas!

Vicki is excited about her future and she encourages everyone to follow their dreams!

$15 or FREE for members
MEMBER’S PERK: Arrive 30 minutes early for Vicki’s personal trailer tour!
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My name is Ashley Shine, I am a Coach, I am a friend, I am in constant search of being a better person and making the world a better place. I Coach, I create plans that help guide and support people in the directions they want to go. I am a student. I am a student at Colorado State University in hopes of getting a degree to help fight the social injustices in the world. I am also a student of life and all that comes with that. There is a lesson to be learned through every single interaction. I never want to stop being a student, I don’t ever want to be an “expert” I want to have the mindset to learn as much and teach as much as I can from a genuine and present place. My core purpose is to make the world a better, more compassionate, and more empathetic place for everyone. I have been a strength and conditioning coach for about four years, I focus on individual design and programming as I believe it is the best and most sustainable way to train. In our workout we will start with a 15-minute warm-up then workout for 25 to 30 minutes. It will be body weight movements and modifications will be given at every class. I am excited to work with you all.


Important Zoom Event Information

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  • Approximately one hour.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Once you register, be sure to save the confirmation email from Zoom. This will provide the link you’ll need to enter our gatherings.
  • We recommend arriving early and hanging out in the waiting room. Guests will be admitted promptly at the start time.
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  • PLEASE cancel with Zoom if you cannot attend a gathering that you have registered for. Space is limited. and we would like to include guests who may be on a wait list.
  • Each gathering will begin with a brief introduction on how to use Zoom.
  • Registration will cut off two hours prior to the start times.
  • Tipping our special guests is optional and appreciated, if you have the means to do so. No obligation, no pressure!
  • All events are pet-friendly!
Zoom Update: You have probably heard about the problems that have been occurring on Zoom lately. We want you to know that Women On A Roll started out ahead of this curve, as we have always required pre-registration, we pre-approve all registrants, and review all guests in the waiting room before admitting into our gatherings. Therefore, passwords are not needed.
IMPORTANT: The only way to gain access to our gatherings is to go to the link that is included in your confirmation email that is sent to you after registering. Please know where that email is and have it ready prior to the event. It is very difficult for us to resend it just before the start time, and especially once a gathering has started.
Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to seeing you on the Net!

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