What is Women On A Roll?
We are the largest lesbian social club on the West Coast, offering a variety of sporting, cultural and social events to women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, professions and fitness levels. We started as a bicycle club (click here for History) and have evolved into an organization that offers outdoor activities, social gatherings, dinners and dances, concerts, plays and sports. We also travel as a group on weekend getaways (such as the Dinah Shore in Palm Springs each spring), and on once-in-a-lifetime vacations (we’ve been to Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, France, Alaska and Peru, to name a few!).

If I don’t know anyone, do I dare come alone?
Absolutely! The great thing about WOAR is that when you attend an event you are immediately “part of the group.” Just let us known upon arrival that you are a newcomer or attending alone, because Andrea or the group leader will introduce you to other established members and/or advisory board members—you won’t be “alone” for long!

I’m shy, are there events where it’s easy to meet people?
Although all events offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, some of the smaller events might be less intimidating. The Geographically Desirable Friends (GDF) is a fun way for singles and couples to have one-on-one conversations with new friends or potential dates while dining out together in their own areas. The hikes and bike rides are typically casual outings where it’s easy to strike up a conversation, yet you don’t have to be outgoing to be part of the group. Also, great friendships and even romances have developed on our vacation trips.

The trips sound exciting, but I don’t like the idea of traveling alone.
The great thing about traveling with WOAR is that you are not traveling alone, you’re traveling with your club. Every year we have women who board the plane not knowing a soul and return having made lifelong friends. WOAR travelers create a unique bond because they share a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How safe is it to travel with an all-lesbian group?
We only use gay-friendly tour companies that understand our specific needs. We stay at gay-friendly hotels and resorts and deal only with people who value our business and treat us with respect. We’ve had the greatest experiences because we take a lot of time planning and preparing for the trips, combining luxury, comfort, safety and affordability. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our travelers–and our tour guides! They consistently say we’re their favorite group!

What’s the best way to meet other single women?
Watch the newsletter for singles-specific events. On a regular basis we offer the GDF, the Singles Rotation Luncheon and singles mixers. Plus, singles and couples are easily identified at most events.

I’m a busy professional, are there any events specifically for women like me?
On a regular basis we offer the Business Success Network, a networking group where professional women can meet and socialize, and the Downtown Dykes Dine, a lunch outing available to lesbians working downtown.

I met someone at a WOAR event, can I get her number?
No. We will, however, forward a message or e-mail to her to help make a connection. We never give out contact information without permission.

What if my partner and I are just looking for things to do with other couples?
Lots of couples meet through WOAR and participate in our hikes, dances, outings to concerts and most other events. Couples and singles are easily identified at most events. There’s even a discount for partners who join together.

I live out of town, can I still get on your mailing list?
Absolutely! We encourage out-of-town women to stay on our mailing list to keep abreast of what’s going on, but also so that they are notified about all of our travel opportunities.

Where do WOAR events take place?
We have events all over Southern California because our newsletter covers a large geographic area. But the greatest concentration of events is on the Westside, Hollywood and Long Beach. We offer select events, such as the GDF dinners, in outlying areas such as Ventura County and the Inland Empire.

Are there events for people my age?
WOAR prides itself on its diversity, in respect to age as well as ethnic and racial backgrounds. However, the age range typically falls between 30 and 60, with women as young as 20-something on up to 70-something, depending on the event.

I’m a lesbian mom, are my kids welcome?
There are certain events that are appropriate for children but please call ahead. Many of our events are geared to adults only.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
Just click on the newsletter box at the bottom of each page and fill out the form.

What does it cost to join?
New members pay $80 for the first year; $70 to renew. A second person in the same household can join for half price.

How can I advertise with WOAR?
Call our office (310) 839-2500, e-mail ads@womenonaroll.com.

How do I contact WOAR?
Call us at: (310) 839-2500, or e-mail info@womenonaroll.com.

Is there someone I can talk to live at WOAR?
Yes, just e-mail us or leave a phone message that you want to speak to someone, we will call you back.

Is my e-mail address and other information secure?
Yes, we never sell, rent or disclose members’ information to anyone.

I’m looking for the love of my life, can you help?
Yes. Andrea is a shameless matchmaker.