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Originally published by Epochalips on 3/31/14



Andrea Meyerson, gives Epochalips the inside scoop…

E: As the filmmaker of I Stand Corrected and the Laughing Matters series, you also keep us entertained by producing comedy shows, create community with Women on a Roll and you won the “Local Hero” award from the HRC…how do you find time for all your outstanding projects?

AM: I love what I do! I work all the time but it doesn’t feel like work.

E: Tell us about your exciting new documentary film.

TF: The title for my newest film is Letter to Anita. We just completed it! That is always an amazing feeling! It’s about Ronni Sanlo who lost custody of her children in 1979 when she came out as a lesbian living in Florida. It’s narrated by Meredith Baxter. It’s the most historical film I’ve done and I really had to think outside the box bring this story to the screen.  I’m very pleased with the outcome. The world premiere will be at the Pride of the Ocean LGBT Film Festival in June and it will be screened at film festivals throughout the year.

E: Tell us about your passions in life, what drives you?

TF: I believe living your life with purpose and passion is really is the greatest gift you can give yourself. My intention is to do that everyday! Filmmaking is definitely one of my greatest passions. I am driven to make a difference and have found a way to do so with this art form.

E: What would you do if you had only one day left to live?

TF: Spend it with my girlfriend.

E: What is your advice for our readers on living a happy and fulfilling life?

TF: First and foremost: Follow your heart! Be willing to take risks.

E: Would any of your ex-girlfriends still sleep with you?

TF: Probably – except when I’m dead tired as that’s when I have a tendency to snore!

Andrea Meyerson is an award-winning creator of film and television programming as well as a successful producer of concerts and live comedy shows. As founder and president of StandOut Productions she has produced and directed nearly 30 feature films, television specials and series episodes which have aired on Showtime, Viacom’s Logo Network and several Canadian networks.

Meyerson began creating original television programming in 2007. She produced and directed numerous standup comedy specials featuring popular comics such as Niecy Nash (Reno 911, Clean House, Dancing with the Stars), Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives), Kate Clinton (The L Word, Smash), Suzanne Westenhoefer (Late Show with David Letterman), Jessica Kirson (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Comic Standing), and many others. She also created the ONE NIGHT STAND UP series for Viacom’s Logo Network, delivering 10 episodes, each showcasing a group of diverse comics.

In 2012 Meyerson completed the full-length documentary I STAND CORRECTED, which she produced and directed. The film premiered at the American Documentary Film Festival in April 2012 where it won the Audience Award for Best Film. Still playing at film festivals worldwide, I STAND CORRECTED has won a total of ten audience and/or jury awards and continues to receive outstanding reviews. Check out www.clambakethemovie.com (The new documentary Andrea just started filming).


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